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Traditionally Rakshabandhan has been linked up to some known ancient stories like:

  • Lord Indra (The deity of thunderbolts, sky and rains) and his wife Sachi. Lord Indra Ultimately defeated the demons on fierce battle among Gods and Demons.
  • Goddess Lakshmi and King Bali In Bhagwad Purana.
  • Lord Krishna and Draupadi, wife of pandavas where she tied the Rakhi knot to Lord Krishna before the epic war at that time.
  • Yamaraja and yamuna - Yama, the God of death didn’t visit sister yamuna who was sad for not seeing her brother for more than 12 years. After God yama went to see his sister yamuna who seemed very happy and made a great hospitality to her brother expressing her desire to see him as many times as she could after which the God Yama made her sister yamuna immortal. 

Lord Ganesha through the divine flames created santoshi maa after Lord Ganesha’s two sons Labh and Shubh demanded a sister from him. This was the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

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Write Name On Happy Raksha Bandhan Images
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