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Onam is a considered as an annual holiday as it is the festival celebrated in the Kerala, the lower southern state of Incredible India.

There is a higher excitement in the people in the Festival of Onam as they make the special decoration in front of their houses. This is specifically done by spreading the plethora of flowers in Onam as a carpet to make the grand welcome of the king Mahabali - King Mahabali is the mythical king of demons.

First what does Onam mean in real term? Onam is basically originated from the very Sanskrit language, hence it is a Sanskrit word which specifically refers to among one of the 27 Nakshatars or in other words known as constellations.

In South India, Thiru is the word that is being associated with the Lord Vishnu where it is believed that Thiruvonam is the Nakshatra of Lord Vishnu who is the one that pressed the King Mahabali inside the earth underworld with his bare foot.

So, what is the reason behind people welcoming the demon King to honor for their home-coming? Then, it is simply because the Onam Festival honors the demon King Mahabali due to his generous and kind hearted nature.

It is believed that Gods were quiet insecure about the demon King Mahabali’s popularity, so they asked help from Lord Vishnu. So, Lord Vishnu transformed into a Vamana Avatar as a poor Brahmin and went to Mahabali’s kingdom, asked for a property right over a piece of land measuring the three paces. Mahabali agreed upon that. Then, Vamana started growing in size where his first feet covered the Earth, second feet covered the sky, there were no place left, so Mahabali said Vamana to have the third feet on his head that buried himself into underworld.

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Write Name On Happy Onam Festival 2020 Images
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