Write Name On Hanumna Jayanti Wishes Images With Name

There are many names of Lord Hanuman like Anjani putra, shivansh, Pavan putra, Mahabali, Chiranjeevi, Maruti, and Bajrangbali. This various names has a variety of reason such as the mother of lord Hanuman is Goddess Anjani and putra means (son), so people worship Lord Hanuman with the name Anjani Putra like that Pavan Putra means the son of God of Wind (Pavan), the name Mahabali is also referred to Lord Hanuman as he is the ultimately symbolized as the God who is extremely stronger. 

On the Hanuman Jayanti wearing a 14 mukhi Rudraksh is believed to be extremely beneficial. Hence and forth, wearing this type of 14 mukhi rudraksh is best for mind balance, strength, courage, will power, and sensory control as well.


Write name on hanuman jayanthi pictures
Write name on hanuman jayanthi pictures

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