Krishna Janmashtami Dahi Handi Picture With Name

For matki phod or matki break there consist a festival event and a team sport with a character of Lord Krishna participates with group of other young children in the Dahi Handi event. These group of young boys teams up to break the earthen pot that is hanged at a heighted place such as between three to four storage building forming a human pyramid shaped one group of young men over the other and at last only one young men who is dressed up as Lord Krishna breaking Matki (pot).

The pot is filled with yogurt or buttermilk as Lord Krishna Makhan Chor as he is also known for stealing the butter in his childhood.

Nowadays, Janmashtami is also popular in the western society and even celebrated in many foreign countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other Easter Bloc. A very live example of this is the Iskon temple that started in the Ukrainian and its eastern regions.

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Krishna Janmashtami Dahi Handi Picture With Name
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