Happy Uttarayan Wishes With Name

Get ready for one of the popular festival that brings a lot of fun and fuzz all around. At times if you visit Gujarat then in the major cities there is a colorful of kites in the sky.

From younger ones to the elders, the craze of Uttarayan as a kite festive has its own trend going on. No one can deny the fact that the starting of the month every year has this awesome festival of kites. Now as for the recent year, the International Kite festival 2020 is celebrated in Gujarat.

When we talk about the colorful kite festival, you might not be surprised when we say rann utsav, the stunning festival of kutch in Gujarat, India. Likewise, there are many more cities destination in Gujarat state itself like at riverfront in  Ahmedabad and other cities like Vadodara, Rajkot, and Surat where the International Kite festival takes place and show its grand presence.

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Happy Uttarayan Wishes With Name
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