Happy Uttarayan 2020 Kite Festival With Name

Now, if you are a travel nomad then we will surely suggest you to discover and experience the astonishing beauty of kutch - Rann Utsav. There you will have a plenty and variety of options along with enjoying the kite festival. You can hang around with the ATV rides, Camel Cart Excursion, Golf Cart, Para-motoring, Meditation and yoga on the white rann of kutch.

Well, the complete day of happy uttarayan is full of fun, loud DJ music with kite flying at every people house on terrace. Wait, that’s not it, there’s much more like sharing special Uttarayan sweets and more. Not only that but people have their favorite food dish (Undhyu in Saurastra region, Gujarat) is more famous among the delicious food dishes in the happy Uttarayan Festival.

Also, we have the stunning flying kite on sky all day long, and at night there is a sky full of shining lanterns. We have many stunning Utatrayan kite images, kite wallpapers and happy Utatrayan wishes images which you can share via social medias with your name attached on it!

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Happy Uttarayan 2020 Kite Festival With Name
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