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This occasion is very special to each people in the Hinduism as the Lord Rama is considered as the greatest and the most worshiped God in the Hindu pantheon. The Ram Navmi come on various day and date every year based on the Lunar calendar calculations. On this special festival of Ram Navmi, people celebrate harmony and peace by performing prayers and religious rites together at the temple.

When it is the festival of Ram Navmi, preparing food places an important role. One of the remarkable thing that takes place at the very day of Ram Navmi is the making of some delicious sweets. Sweet such as Coconut ladoos, Makhana Kheer, Dates halwa, and Jaggery based cold drinks - an Indian summer drink are all set for the special festival of Ram Navmi.

Well, when we talk about the food, there are a plenty of recipes and cuisines that can be traditionally prepared at the day of Ram Navmi. If you are travelling, then you can take along the Ram Navmi story books with some of the best Ram Navmi traditional songs to make your travel journey a holistic one.

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Happy Ram Navami Wishes Quotes Images With Name
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