Happy Onam Festival Wishes Greetings Card With Name

Onam Festival is the annual harvest festival of Kerala state where especially the Malayalis around the globe celebrate this event with great pomp, gaiety, and joy. This much-anticipated festival of Onam is usually celebrated for ten days and falls on the month of "Chingam" according to the Malayalam calendar. According to the scriptures, Onam is celebrated to mark the return of King Mahabali. Onam Sandhya is a highlight of the festivities and rituals. Sandhya in Malayali means a banquet. It features an elaborate feast with every Malayali dish in Onam

This Onam festival 2021 feast will include everything from banana chips to mango pickle to curd rice to avial to rasam to various chutneys. Onam is also known for its 'pokalam,' a complex flower arrangement, boat races on Onam Festival, and Onam masked dancing, among other things.

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Happy Onam Festival Wishes Greetings Card With Name
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