Happy Janmashtami Lord Krishna Greetings Card Image With Name

Just like that this festival of Janmashtami is also pretty well known for the Janmashtami fasting where devotees of Lord Krishna fast just by having the milk and fruits during their fast. It is believed that when a devotee keeps a fast then he or she will achieve a good health, wealth, and prosperity.

People who want Krishna to be a kid would prefer having a sweet name like Laddu Gopal and many would love to call him a Muralidar as Lord Krishna has an immense affection towards cow which is why he also used to play with the cowherd boys also mostly people would love to have a Krishna with Radha.

If you have heard this all, then will also love one other name Mularidar pose holding and playing his flute. There are so many beautiful Lord Krishna posing with flute statues out there in the market that looks so adorable and you will surely love seeing him, dressed up with the crown and peacock feathers on head. Also, Lord Krishna has been attached with so many of the names by his devotees.

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Happy Janmashtami Lord Krishna Greetings Card Image With Name
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