Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes 2021 Images With Name

When we speak about Bhai Doo, there is an antique Hindu myth related to it where the lord Rama after killing giant Narkasur visited his sister Shubhadra. She gave a calid and delightful welcome with colorful and sweets flowers and applying "tilak" on the Lord Krishna's brow to convey the best of a brother sister relation on this very occasion of Bhai Dooj.

Likewise, a legendary story of the God of Death King Yama and her sister Yamuna is too been envoy for the occasion. As its trust that the God Yama approach to met his dearest sister after the new moon's next day. So, it is celebrated as "Yamadwitiya" all over the nation.

Accordingly,  sisters invites their brother to have a tasty dishes and feast for them at their location. In return, the brothers gives the presents and gifts to their sisters with the responsibility love and care.

Let's celebrate this remarkable occasion of Happy Bhai Dooj with our attractive Bhai Dooj Images, Best Bhai Dooj Quotes and messages With Bhaiya Beej Wallpapers on social medias and WhatsApp to share and convey your sister brother love.

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Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes 2021 Images With Name
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