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15th August Happy Independence Day Wishes With Name

One noticeable thing that turned us around in many ways and affected our economy the time of British rule, India as a country was known by the name “The Golden Bird” and that’s hugely because of the great textile industry, farming, great cultural history with majority of castes and of tradition, vivid weaves clothing designs (made from silk, bamboo and more) Himalayan region Glaciers, most of the regions in India having a vast green cover forests, India being the only country uniquely defined by having the predator animals like Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Cheetahs, Himalayan Bears, birds and mammals like elephants, but as the times passed by after the independence most of this things vanished or is about on an urge to dying.

Hence, the sovereignty of the nation is the most important thing apart from that the constant awareness among the people for the right things to make happen with the same patriotic spirit.