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We always wish a good night and sweet dreams to the closest one. Good night wishes texts with your name tagged that says something like, may you have a sound sleep throughout the night and wake up with a plenty of new hopes and with a lot of positive vibes.

Once the night dawn begins to keep away from the loneliness, a good night wish can keep you away from all bad and evil thoughts.
But when you get a romantic good night wishes then that itself is entirely an amazing thing where a love feeling can be raised within.

For understanding the relationship, a good night wishes with a good night kiss image can make a wife or husband, a girlfriend or boyfriend feel like a heavenly feeling.

When you get a good night wishes, if you are at your home and when you just open up your living room window at night, just by reading that lovely good night text by looking up in the sky can make you relaxed and calm you up to the best.

To be in the seventh sky can be a different feelings by itself when you get the utmost night wishes.

When in case if he or she is upset then to rid off the anger a good night text message can worth a lot. So before going to bed just prepare yourself for the best sleep ever with the bright moon and shining stars up in the sky which silently murmur a better good night sleep to you.
Better yet, we have made some of the eye catchy good night wishes images, good night wishes wallpapers, and good night quotes.

Wish you a good night and sweet dreams, sleep well and sleep tight! New morning is just waiting for a new start. Get the daily dose of good night wishes messages and text and pass it to others by sharing your most likable good night wishes pics for our best good night images collection.

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