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anmashtami is the festival which is celebrated as the birth of Lord Krishna. As Janmashtami is celebrated as the day for great devotion which approximately comes on the month of July or August every year.

This popular festival is celebrated on the day of Asthami of Krishna Paksh - also known as the 8th day of the dark fortnight days of Bhadon.

Lord Krishna is known to be the 8th avatar of God Vishnu. We all know the whole life story of Lord Krishna and his divine powers, how he saved the people from the demons and a whole lot of divine deeds that paved a way for well-being!

In Lord Krishna’s childhood, it’s been said that he has a very deep affection towards the cows, and so he’s also referred as “Murlidhar” - The one who’s melodious flute play just gathers the cows with a great emotion on it. There are various scriptures like Mahabharata - The Battles between kavravas and pandavas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and others such where the life of Lord Krishna and his various Avatars has been deeply dived in to the scriptures.

we all know Lord Krishna’s love for the butter and how in his childhood he used to steal and eat butter from wherever he found one either from home, neighborhood or from other places, so he’s also known as ‘Kanhaiya - Makhan Chor’.

We have made some lavishing and creative designs of janmashtami day pics and photos as a wallpaper or as a WhatsApp DP and profile. Let’s celebrate by sharing the colorful images of Lord Krishna to all our friends and family!!

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