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It is the month that Muharram is a significant and solemn time of reflection, mourning, and remembrance among Muslims. The tenth day of this month, referred to as Ashura is the day of the victory of Karbala in which Husayn ibn Ali, grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and his family were killed by Yazid I's army. Yazid I in AD 680. It is believed that the Muslim group is broken down into Sunni and Shia groups. According to the branch of Islam, the 10th of Muharram may be different in significance and customs for each.

Muharram is one of four holy times in the Islamic calendar, meaning that war is prohibited in the present day. The meaning behind the word "Muharram" is as well revealed in this passage from the Qur'an that reads: "Indeed, there are twelve months (lunar) in the calendar year, calculated by Allah and of these the four are sacred. Therefore, do not fight in these months and don't allow the fitnah (innovation)."

Despite its significance and sad nature, a few Muslims observe during the month of Muharram. It is most common with Sunni Muslims, which include several Sufi groups like The Bektashis as well as the Alevis. The majority of them fast during this period and avoid recreational and enjoyable activities.

But, the majority of Muslims take note of the solemn and reflective aspect of the month, with particular prayers and recitations from the Koran. This is also a regular ritual in those in the Shia Muslim community, where there are ceremonies of mourning to mark Ashura.

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