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Why is Halloween a holiday?

One explanation holds that Halloween's origins lie in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which signified the end of the summer's abundant harvest and the start of the "dark, cold winter," which at the time was connected with decay and death. Because of this, the Celts observed Samhain on the night that marked the transition from summer to winter. They lit enormous bonfires in honour of their gods and prayed to be protected from evil spirits during the next winter. Go to here for happy halloween day wishes images with your name edit.

While some academics argue that All Hallow's Day originated as a Christian feast, others contend that the ritual of Samhain, which has pagan origins, later became Christianized. There are numerous western nations where the custom. You can see all other images of Diffrence diffrence Festivals ans Annivesary click on MyNameOnPics.

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