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Diwali is the festival of lights, it is the festive that has taken a stand as the biggest and the brightest key occasion that comes once in a year.
Diwali in other term which is also known as Deepawali, a festive which brings lights and happiness altogether for the entire.

All and all it lasts for five days and is popular for painting and lightning diyas, making Rangoli with a plenty of adorable designs.

Throughout the festival of Diwali, people use to decorate their houses with the colorful lights. Other than that people worship the goddess Lakshmi so that they get wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in their family.

As it is the festival celebrated across India and all its states, on certain regions of north region like in West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Assam, people worship goddess Kali, the dark mother and do puja by worshiping her crafted statue.

Most importantly, Diwali is most prominent for the delicious sweets where the sweets distribution is the tradition that can be seen on each people house.

Also, the Diwali is well known for the fireworks, people of all age group get their firecracker work with plenty of firecrackers like sky firecrackers, fire stick, and many more type of fire crackers.

Also, in the corporate culture the owner of the companies offer gifts and sweets to the employees by wishing them the Happy Diwali.
For you to send a happy Diwali images and best Diwali wallpapers just get some of our attractive Diwali images and share it to your family members, office colleagues, friends and your dear ones to convey your Happy Deepawali message.

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