What Is Traditional Gujarati New Year And How To Celebrate ?

What Is Traditional Gujarati New Year And How To Celebrate ?

Gujarat celebrates Diwali to welcome the New Year. All over Gujarat Gujarati New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. This celebration of Roshni welcomes the Gujarati New Year or Bestu

varsh because it is celebrated one day after Diwali. The Gujarati New Year is celebrated on the first light day of Kartik, the first month of the year according to the Indian lunar calendar. As a result their new financial year starts from today. In some parts of India, New Year celebrations begin in spring.


Gujarati New Year Story


When Lord Krishna witnessed the annual sacrifices and preparations for the prayers of Lord Indra, he is said to have convinced the people of Gokul that their true religion as farmers and shepherds was engaged in the work of cultivating the land and tending livestock.

He worshiped the Govardhana mountain and animals as per the orders of Lord Krishna. Indra, the rain god got angry and the people of Gokul faced his wrath. The village of Gokul was submerged in water for seven days and seven nights by Lord Indra. Lord Krishna raised the Govardhana mountain with his little fingertip to protect the livestock and crops of the local people. Later Lord Indra realized his mistake and apologized to Lord Krishna.

Since then, Gujaratis have made it a tradition to worship Mount Govardhan and celebrate the beginning of the New Year on this day.


Gujarati New Year celebration


Gujaratis wear new clothes, visit temples and visit friends and relatives to celebrate the New Year. To greet each other and wish a happy New Year, people use expressions like Sal Mubarak or Nutanvarsh Abhinandan. Send Best Wishes For Wonderful Happy New Year Photos With My Name and  Happy New Year Wishes With Corporate Name And Logo to friends and family using MyNameOnPics.


Exciting firework displays, beautifully decorated houses and a general atmosphere of joy are other elements of the celebration. The women of the house prepare exquisite sweets which are then shared with all the neighbours. Gujarat considers 1st January as a particularly auspicious day. People cancel their old accounts and open new accounts on this day. These ledger books known as chopdas are worshiped and engraved with some auspicious symbols before praying for a happy financial year.

many years In Gujarat, the New Year is officially ushered in with Bestu Varsha or Nutanvarsha. The day after Diwali, or Kartaksud 1, is the first day according to the Gujarati calendar. The year is known as the Vikram Varsha, and the calendar is known as the Hindu Vikram Calendar. Consequently, the Hindu Vikram year 2079 begins on October 26, 2022 with a Bastu year.


Gujarati New Year Ceremony


During the Diwali Puja, a new book is revealed to seek the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. The auspicious letters Shubh and Labh which are used for Shubh and Labh respectively are recorded on the account book during this process.

This is a crucial day for Gujarati enterprises. Then they set off some crackers, have some sweets and snacks and prepare to meet their loved ones.




What is Gujarati New Year called?


On this day, also known as Varsha Pratipada or Bestu Varsha, people create new books of account known as Chopda. They also pray to Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and peace in all their endeavours.


What is Bestu Varsha?   


Bestu Varsha or Nutanvarsh marks the beginning of the New Year in Gujarat. The day after Diwali, or Kartaksud 1, is the first day according to the Gujarati calendar.


Why do Gujaratis buy salt on New Year's Day?


According to Mehta, this simple ritual, in which children are given money to spend, serves as a reminder that festivals provide a sprinkling of salt to life that would otherwise seem unpalatable without it. He also observes that the custom has virtually gone beyond the Walled City areas.


What are Gujarati traditions?


Native Gujaratis being a lively and joyful people have a wide range of traditional dances.